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Dear Friends,

We will be in San Jose, Costa Rica in February and March 2023!

Please click here to see what we are up to!

We are looking forward to being with you all!

About Us

About Us

Mama Jairzagua

Jairzagua Furativa Gacheta (which means ‘black jaguar woman of the magic and the mystery of the hidden ancestral medicine) is a medicine woman, daughter of Mother Earth, carrier of the ancestral lineage of the feminine divinity. She is a weaver of dreams and a bridge between the worlds, weaving life day by day.

Jairzagua is of the Muisca tradition but part of many indigenous families. She has been working beside Taita Juanito since 13 years now. Her gift is to teach through weaving, how to weave the qualities into our lives we wish to cultivate and take out those we don't need anymore. The weaving is a deep meditation and a powerful process that activates the frequencies of healing and manifestation.


Abuelo Floro

Florentino Caicedo is a Grandfather and wisdom keeper of the Muisca community in Colombia.


Abuelo Floro learned and shared with several Colombian elders receiving the word of the tobacco in the traditional ways. He is an intuitive and vessel for healing.


Abuelo Floro worked and learned with several Taitas, collecting experience of over 30 years in this culture.

He is known for his sweet but firm and compassionate way, for his deep insight and connection with the plant medicines (especially tobacco) and his profound healings..


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