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I just finished a beautiful, life changing retreat with Mama Adriana and Don Floro and I am in absolute awe of their abilities. I felt absolutely safe and supported to come to them with my truth, some of which I had never shared with other people. I was met with no judgement, in fact they shared with me some of their personal history and their journeys. They were so gentle and suggestive which allowed me to come to my own conclusions without force. 

Mama Adriana has this energy of love and such power, but a soft and gentle power. She is a woman who knows who she is and in this day and age it is so refreshing. I just wanted to be around her.

And Don Floro is probably the cutest, most loving man I've ever met. And in a women's retreat I was curious as to the role he would play. I felt absolutely safe around him. He emanates love and the support he offered to me and the other women was always right on time and complete. He made me feel like I was his friend; And I know that I really am.

These shamans are the real deal and being authentic was so easy around them. The healings I received were nothing short of miraculous and I am in infinite gratitude towards them both. Mama and Don Floro took their time with me, they reminded me of my power, but mostly they helped to restore my femininity. They helped me remember to be graceful and reminded me how to hold my body. They reminded me that I am a woman of dignity. And mostly they made me feel special because I am; we all are. I definitely recieved what I came for and my mindfulness has been restored. I cant recommend them enough.

And I would like to add that Diana, their translator, is spectacular and also shows up without a trace of judgement. I felt completely safe around her as well and I understand why they have chosen her to travel with. I know it can be difficult to translate so much all day long and she just shows up with 100% and translates in perfect timing. 

I am so happy that I was called to join them and drink medicine with them. And I cant wait to see them, my friends, again.

Sommer Wayne Dyer,

Daughter of Wayne Dyer


I had the most incredibly deep healing experiences at the Web of Creation Women's Retreat held at the La Senda Labyrinth in Costa Rica in February 2020.  Every day was a new learning, growing and healing experience for me.   Being there for a full week with a small, intimate group of women allowed us the ability to build relationships and make tight bonds with all the other women who attended the retreat. The one-on-one consultations were so extremely helpful. This was my first experience with plant medicine.  I really felt a profound, deep sense of healing, peace and connection with the universe come over me after the two plant medicine ceremonies.  I am eternally grateful for this experience! 

Janna Forsgren

I was blessed with attending Web of Creation at La Senda in Costa Rica.

I went with an open mind ready to see what insights and growth this retreat may bring.

I had been taking Zoloft for anxiety and taking THC for sleep. Those we’re not the reasons that I went for, but some of the many silver linings I received.

My experience was exactly what I needed. The large group ceremonies aren’t for me. I flourish in small women groups where we can dig deep and create a new circle of sisters.

This retreat for me was learning what love looks and feels like, going deep into rituals, and experiencing clarity that calmed my spirit.

I cannot go into everything...but this is what I walked away with. A deep inner sense of peace and no attachment to the craziness of everyday life. I am able to start weaning myself off of my Zoloft which will take a few months and I SLEPT! I haven’t slept unaided in at least 15 years.

I am a better mom. I am a kinder person. I laugh more. I love more. I cannot wait to get back with Mama Adriana and Don Floro. Their loving ceremonies, healings and clearings presented light back into my life.

I have a deeper understanding of who we are as women, what our purpose is and how we lost our way... so it never happens again. 

I am so grateful for Mama Adriana, Don Floro, Mishy, Diana and Bruce, who make the Web of Creation possible and I will follow them to Columbia and everywhere else where they travel, for it is this special group that gives me hope, inspiration and peace.

Melissa Ryan

We love Don Florentino's work with the sacred tobacco. His knowledge and experience are very profound. Together with his wife Adriana, they form a very powerful healing team.

Muchas gracias a ustedes!


Massimo & Elisabetta

Don Florentino is a great tobacco reader, his warmth and empathy is so apparent, I always feel comfort in his presence. He is such a caring presence. If I was in Colombia I would see him and Mama Jairza as often as possible. They are such a kind and beautiful couple. 


I just has a tobacco reading by Don Florentino. The reading was beautiful and gave me exactly what I needed. I now know what I have to do to continue my personal healing journey. It was surprisingly accurate and profound. I can’t wait to implement the advice that I got from Don Florentino. Blessings to all of you beautiful souls. 


Don Florentino helped me work through a block I was having around abundance. The tobacco showed exactly what I was feeling and I'm thankful to Don Florentino for working through it with me and giving me words I needed to hear.


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